Beauty Tips


A few tips for controling your curls:  If possible use a t-shirt to soak moisture out of your hair rather than a towel, as a towel can increase frizz.  Use a product designed for curls, and air dry or diffuse whenever possible.  Olaplex greatly helps in maintaining your curls.


Having color treated hair requires some special care.  You will need to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color treated hair such as Framesi Color Lover, to help preserve the vibrancy of your color.  The better condition of your hair, the better your color will look.  Olaplex is a wonderful bond rebuilder that will ensure the longevity of your color.


Blond Wavy Hair

Styling your hair doesn't have to cause damage to your hair when you keep these tips in mind:  When blow drying and using a brush, make sure your hair is at least 75% dry before using the brush.  Also use the nozzle that came with your blowdryer as is helps reduce frizz.  When using an iron it is not necessary to have the heat turned all the way up.  Often 350 degrees is plenty hot enough to curl or straighten your hair.  Using a thermal protectant will also help reduce heat damage.  If you are having problems getting your hair straight, please try taking smaller sections when ironing.  Olaplex will rebuild the bond that are broken during the styling process to help maintain the health of your hair.  


Olaplex has taken the beauty industry by storm, allowing stylist's to do things that we never thought we could do.  Don't be fooled by imitation products that claim to be "just like Olaplex"!    There is only one Olaplex!